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"This store has the most well-preserved vintage clothes I have ever seen. They look like they were made yesterday! Impeccable quality and selection" - Kate S., Boston MA

"Hands down the coolest vintage store I've ever been into. If you're looking for an unforgettable outfit, this is the place for you. All of their pieces are in pristine condition. The staff is wonderful and so helpful"

- Molly W., Fort Worth, TX

"The uniqueness and rarity of the pieces here left me breathless. The prices are super reasonable, especially when there are items that you will never see twice in your lifetime. Every decade, every style, every cut, everything your vintage fashion dreams are made of." - Heidi S., Fort Worth, TX

"Just a spectacular collection of vintage clothing." - Lorie D.

"As a world traveler with two adult daughter's who love all things vintage, we have patroned literally hundreds of vintage stores in the hippest of locations. Studio 74 Vintage is hands down THE BEST, most expansive inventoried vintage store we have found. Eat yor heart out NYC, LA, London, Austin, Nashville and others!" - Krissy H.

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